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Garage doors are often used to protect valuable items such as vehicles, bikes, and tools. However, they are frequently overlooked for their value. It is estimated that an automatic garage door can add thousands of dollars worth of value to your home. This is the reason that conducting regular maintenance to ensure its appearance, as well as its reliability is crucial. At Garage Door Repair Davie we focus on the big tasks like the replacement and repair of your door, but also the small tasks like maintenance and the improvement of the appearance of your garage.

About our company in Florida

Cosmetic Repairs and Maintenance

Each highly valued member of our company possesses great skill in everything related to the area of garage door repair—from simple cosmetic maintenance to installation and replacement. This wide range of skill allows us to outshine competitors in the repair field. We offer several cosmetic repair and maintenance services including:

  • Painting - The style and design of the door that you purchase will determine if it should be painted or not. Paint can be used on wood doors, steel doors, aluminum doors and vinyl doors.
  • * Staining - Staining is usually reserved for wooden doors. The damper the climate is, the more frequently staining will need to be done to maintain the look of the door.
  • Sealing - Wood doors often require regular application of a sealant. This sealant helps protect the material from the elements to increase its useful life.
  • Replacing Windows - Some doors come with windows built in. If a window is broken our company can quickly and easily replace it.
  • Replacing Door Panels - Many types of garage doors have several attached panels that make up the door. This allows them to be opened and closed more smoothly. If only one panel is damaged it can easily be replaced.

At Garage Door Repair Davie we are also extremely knowledgeable in areas that go deeper than the appearance of your door. Each of our employees is trained to maintenance, repair, and install tracks, broken torsion springs, openers and more.

For a more extensive list of our services or to get a price quote on a job visit our website.

Garage Door Repair Davie

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