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Garage Door Lubrication Maintenance Tips

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There are various garage door maintenance tasks which have to be performed so that the system remains in excellent condition and operates effectively in the long term as well as in the short one. One of them is lubrication. Most parts of the automatic system are made from metal and move in order to operate. This poses the need for regular lubrication. Here is some advice on how to do it right.

Preparing the Garage Door Parts

The door parts which require the application of a lubricant are the garage door rollers, tracks, hinges and latches. The pulleys of extension spring door operators and the bearings of torsion spring openers require this type of maintenance as well.

In order to prepare the parts, you need to spray them with a solvent for rust removal and clean them perfectly with appropriate cloth. Follow the instructions for use of the solvent strictly for best results.

It is possible for some rollers and hinges to be stuck. In this case, you need to apply some kerosene on them with the use of a small soft brush. It must go into the cracks. After this treatment, the rust should come off if you rub the surface vigorously with steel wool.

Lubrication Maintenance Made Easy

You need to apply a light lubricant on all parts of the door mentioned above. You should be careful to use the right amount to ensure perfect operation.

You can lubricate the garage door spring as well. This is recommended if it has become squeaky and rusty. If the opener uses a chain drive or a screw drive, you can lubricate the moving metal parts as well. This extra care will certainly pay itself off.

If the door's condition and performance do not improve after maintenance or if it starts displaying disturbing signs of wear and tear or malfunctioning, you should contact garage door repair Davie for advice and inspection.

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